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WHM61 ^^ Whee! I've come pretty far since my last update. Most in part thanks to the wonderful people of the NaturalBornKillers LS. All the way up on PM 3-3. @_@ Wow the PMs are a pain. Especially the mammets. XD Been lvling BLM a bit lately and my NPC. BLM40 tempting to take it further cause I'm having no luck with finding pts as my WHM. Its that or I lvl RDM30 further. @_@ I plan on a mage job being my first lvl 75. Really want it to be WHM if I can ever get to lvling. >_< My NPC hit 40 yesterday as Jagnon, Runningbear, and myself worked with NPCs and hunted a BLM testy for Jag. She's now Soothing Healer too. ^^ Would have made her a Shield but she could never keep hate from me. XD Well g2g and see if Lawrenz is doing the 43-40 LS static this morning that my BLM is in.
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hello guys!

hey, i got my game back after not having it since august 05 and.. wow! a new expansion pack and new regions. i'm only lvl 17 so the new regions won't effect me much but.. wow! i forgot how much i loved this game! the linkshell i'm in is Luminesence(sp?) but my sister's been on and i haven't had a chance to get on yet. i haven't seen many people on carbuncle yet! has everyone gotten tired of the game? i sure hope not!

well, just thought i'd drop by. /tell Ellamie whenever, i might or might not be on. i'm excited to play again! i'm normally not a gamer, but i LOVE this game. XD


At long last Sandy has the dunes again! I can get that elusive fame I have been crying about for weeks. I did a supplies run to the Dune's outpost last night. I happened to get there just in time to save the lives of a whole party. They were right next to the outpost and taking on flys at lvl 13. The first person I looked at had like maybe 3 hp lol I sent up a cure3 just in time. The rest of the party was near death as well, so I stuck around for awhile helping them. Then I mentioned in my LS that I had bst, brd, and smn quests started but not finished. One of the members told me to meet her in Sandy and we were going to finish my smn quest. I need ice and heat, but I checked the time and relized it was later then I knew. I had to tell her I couldn't. I ran back to the outpost just in time again to save the poor party, told them not to die and outpost warped home. Today, I will try to fit all my stuff on my mule and run naked through the dunes to stuff a sheep full of cabbage!

Oh also, I am now lvl 43! Refresh is so much fun, there is no down time in parties now! lol
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Dead Horse


I just figured I'd say hi to this group. The characters on my account are Pecado (RDM70, WHM62) and Secare (SAM75).

I'm with ConvictZ linkshell.
Just got done beating up on some Golden-Tongued Culberry tonight. ;-)
Feel free to say hi if you happen to see me in game.
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The Return!

Next week Marks the return of the reknown (not really) leader of the DuelKnights! that's right folks! Aratar the Red returns to keep leveling up to equal my LS mates because they don't have Comp problems... damn them. But yeah, I'll be back, and working towards gettin' my pimp RDM hat... only 3 levels away, and I already have my Tabard for 50 wewt!. I'm stoked... I'm so stoked I used the word Stoked, 'nuff said.

-=Aratar The Red, Lord of the DuelKnights=-

mission 3-3

So, I decided to do some of my mission stuff that I needed to the other day. I went and got 3-1 done in Davoi, and then asked if anyone wanted to help me with my 3-3. I had two people from my LS that were like yea we can help now. One was a lvl 40BLM the other a lvl 40WHM and me lvl 36RDM. The blm had been through it before and he said "I know how to do the shortcut to get 3-3 done, all you have to do is die, and then I can trackter you through the door" I didn't really want to die because I would delvl, but I figured if we could get that mission done then the slight delvl could be handled. So we sneak and invis our selves through to the first door. I aggro a bogy and it takes it forever to kill me. (I out hped both them) I get tracterd through, and the whm raises me. Which pulls the bogy through the door and I die again. I get raised again, the bogy dies, and we continue to the stairs. We get lost for a bit and finally find the right door. The it is up 15million flights of stairs to get to the top of Defeuwhatever tower. We get to the top and can't find the elevater. The whm was like I have to go guys I need to get stuff done around here, but I can help tomorrow. So he warps away, then I warp away. As soon as we warp the blm was like omg wtf guys. You should have waited 5 seconds I found it. So that was a wasted delvl and all lol. I am going to go agian sometime next week. This time we are going to try to get a tank or melee to come with us. The blm said he was getting hit for 100dmg by the nm that we have to fight.

I guess I don't have any questions or anything like that, just a fun sad story lol. I did get my lvl back though. I only was 400 in the hole.
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Updated progress

Well, I recently went on a massive lvling binge. Massive for me anyway. I think the last time I posted in here I was at lvl 22rdm and 16blm or something like that. I survived the jungles of Kazham (even though my g/f delvled me running out of it once) and I made it through the shitedal er, Garledge Citedal. I was told now that I am lvl 36(WOOOOOO!)Oh and my blm is 20. I need to go to the crawlers nest. So that is my next stop :D. Eventually I need to get more quests and missions done because I am gimpy on that department. I have no fame anywhere and I still have to do my 3-1 mission -_- Oh and I get to be in a static with my LS as soon as I hit 40! My plan is to hit 40 and then go do quests and missions while I wait for others to ding 40.

I don't have any fun stories about stupid people or anything like that, just a little progress.
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/em Thuban waves to the community

Hey everyone. oor mage here. Just wanted to say howdy. I dont play as often as i would like anymore on account of my 6 month old son, but if you guys ever see me, feel free to wave :P

42 (recently delvld)blm
rest all ones :P