Keith (crimsonrangel) wrote in ffxi_carbuncle,

Help request.

I was wondering if anyone reads this group anymore... I was also wondering if there was anyone who would be able to assist me with a few things. It's almost all AF-related, though I do need to get started on that level 60 cap quest. Anyway... Here's what all I need :

-Ifrit's Cauldren Coffer key (and possibly help getting to/from the coffer, since I really don't know my way...) for my Drachen Mail.

-Temple of Uggelph (or however you spell it..) NM battle for my Drachen Helm.

-Temple of Uggelph coffer key for my Myochin Domaru.

-Waughroom Shrine BCNM for my Myochin Kabuto.

Since I'm mostly playing my DRG lately, I'd like to get that stuff first. I know these are difficult things to obtain, so I would appreciate any sort of help you can give me. I work graveyard shifts at my job, so I can be up most of the night. Tuesdays and Wensdays are my days off, but if we schedule something, I will make sure I'm on. I havn't started the AF3 quests, but if I can get help, I will have everything ready to go, so that all we'd have to do is go kill the NMs, so I wont take up too much of your time. Send a /tell to Myranda, or just leave a comment here or something. I dunno.. Whatever works.

Thanks in advance.
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