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Another day, another adventure

Finally got my Healing Feather from ENM60 in the Mine Shaft. O.O If Maat is anything like that then I just might be 1/1. Got my Healing Feather first try too. =D

Monday morning took a trip into Davoi with the LS to get a Dragoon Testimony for Mcnasty. Got club skill to 201. =D Judgement! Next ws will be Hexa Strike. =D NPC dinged 45 there before we had a miscommunication. Too many in party an Richg's NPC an mine got disbanded. ~_~ Orz... My last tactics call went half wasted.

Tuesday night went seeking to get my next lvl. First party was kinda crappy. ~_~ NIN wasn't able to keep hate well even with a THF doing SATA. I could hardly touch a cure spell above Cure II without getting smacked by a goblin. Made me miss how well Lawrenz can tank as NIN. Heck I was even wearing my AF armor which has several points of -enmity and that didn't help. ~_~ Died once an had to eat R1. Yucky. NIN tank left an we got a PLD. PLD <3 He was JP but dang I was glad to have him in party. He kept hate so much better. Sometimes I'd rather take the all JP party over the english parties. ~_~ Granted some of the JP parties play hard but they're so much fun. That party ended cause THF fell asleep on us. PLD an DRG had to leave soon so we just disbanded. I had 2k tnl so I went back to seeking again. No sooner had I put my flag down to give up I got an invite from a JP DRK. All JP party but me. Got my lvl so now I can wear my Noble's Crown when I'm not exping.

Aznmonk an I went to do another NPC Promy run for new tactics pearl. I really wanted to lvl my NPC as close to 50 asap. The Mirror Images quest was driving me nuts. I was like 0/8 when I decided Sharlene needed more lvls before I tried again. She was 44 when I tried first time. We got our new tactics an decided after he napped we would go skill up in Kuftal Tunnel like we always do.

I went seeking as BLM for a little bit. Got a party with no refresher but we didn't do bad. I was able to get BLM47. Lawrenz told me I need 2-3 more lvls on BLM so we can static together again as BLM & WAR. His WAR dinged 50 in the last party we had together. ~_~ Speaking of static topic I still need 2 more lvls on PLD before Lawrenz is ready to lvl his WHM. Why he won't let me NIN16 I dunno. Guess cause hard to hold hate till the Ni spells.

Azn and I went to Kuftal after I finished party as BLM. NPC dinged 49 there before we called it a night. Couldn't lvl club skill since Azn was working on Staff. I kept stealing hate using club. XD MNK71 an I was still taking hate without casting cure spells. Mainly was casting Regen III an letting his Soothing Healer style NPC watch his health. So I worked on Staff skill too. No new WS this time. Staff was 148 when we stopped. He had me lvl my divine an enfeebling skills as we slowly killed. XD An I do mean slowly. We both had low staff skill an my NPC did more misses then hits. So got my severely neglected divine an enfeebling some skill up. Of course his NPC kept trying to kill us cause he gave her a Great Sword. ~_~ Shockwave is bad idea in a camp spot that Lizzy spawn. Nearly killed us... Thats why I kept away from all weapons that have AoE weapon skills.

We sat our characters up in Ru'lude Gardens while we went to sleep. (LOL! He changed to WHM so looked funny to see a WHM in full AF an one in half AF sitting side by side up near the R. Point.) I slept maybe an hour before I came back to the game. ~_~ So I bought meds an went off to try kicking Vassago's demonic butt again. Went WHM/BLM first couple trys. Kept running outta mp even with meds. Came back changed sub to SMN even though it was 2 lvls under for the cap 50 since it would give me more mp the BLM sub would in that cap. (First time I tried this quest I went WHM/NIN from a friend's suggestion which got me killed when I took hate an Vassago used Belighted Gloom on me at 400 some HP.) Bought more meds, grabbed my warp cludge an went back again. Got Vassago down to about 10% health without the meds cause I kept Paralyze, Silence, an Slow on Vassago. O.O So next try I used the meds an won just barely. =D 7 mins an some seconds. Not the record but finally kicked his demon butt. Now I just got to figure out why I can't complete it. ~_~
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