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So, my g/f and I finally got tired of sharing the computer (and account) for FFXI. Not that we didn't mind sharing, it is just getting to the point where we both have things to do on the game that needs attention. Anyway, we broke down and looked for the PS2 version of FFXI. The internet is a wonderful tool! We were able to find one in stock at a Wal-Mart in Texas. We bought it the other day, and it will be here tomorrow. Both of us are excited about this. The only down side to all of this, is that one of us is going to have to start over *cries* but because my g/f is a wonderful person, she said she will start over. Besides I am higher than her in the game. So I will be PLing her back to 30, and helping her get her advanced jobs. I just wish there was a way to get her char. off the account so she didn't have to start over. Oh, and not only am I going to be PLing her, but a lot of our friends have said they will help as well. So she should get to where she was in no time.

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