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Oh wow. o.o Three full parties for one lil hecteye type mob. I did O-Hat (Optical Hat) run with NaturalBornKillers an another LS last Saturday. Unfortunately our last run was a wipe cause two million eyes linked in an nuked our butts. @_@ Fun trying to Raise II three full parties if you're the only WHM there. The other WHM (Jigg) had to leave early. Of course Lawrenz says that its a good test of how well you know your job. ^.^ Spamming Paralyna an curing when Law an Zanz's shadows fell was fun. XD Of course we had like 5-6 RDMs an 2 BRDs so wasn't like I didn't have back up. I'm a good at hecteye mobs now. Second I see Hex Eyes I'm hitting my Paralyna macro. XD Law wants me to try an level more before the next run. @_@ I was WHM64 for that one. (Was only allowed to help cause they needed the WHMs. Other wise mages are usually supposed to be 65+. The higher the better.)

I hit 65 Monday-Tuesday in my first exp party in Sky. :o Sky was so pretty. (That solo trip through the Cauldron for ZM5 fire fragment paid off. Solo trip saved having to raise the party 5 million times cause someone arggoed a bomb.) No buffer on my lvl at all since the party disbanded after I leveled. ;_; Got a few cutscenes for Dynamis. Even skilled up my club a bit. 176 club skill with my nifty new weapon skill "True Strike". Been trying to get my skill up so I can try to obtain a Healing Feather before my Maat fight comes around. Still a few levels to go before I try him. XD

Almost ended up back down at 64 again. @_@ Some of us from NBK went to go kill the Ancient Goobue in Boyhada Tree. Well tanks wiped twice. Once cause it just kicked the crap out of them faster then I could heal with lag from the two experience parties in the area. The second wipe was cause the RDM cast Dia II on a blood ball. o.o
We went for a third try. They were getting tp from crawlers since the one exp party left. An our NIN leader provoked a blood ball while the PLD an others were killing the crawler. Lets just say another blood ball linked an chew me up fast. x_x Delvled an party wiped. WHM from the exp party nearby came to help us. I had been smart enough to use Reraise II before we started so I was able to get back on my feet first. With 25 points into 65 thanks to RR2. I thought I was doomed to be 64 again. XD Got reinforcements an finally killed that danged Goobue. No good drops again. ;_;
We went down to kill Aqauris to get the axe for a WAR in the LS. Well Aquaris arggoed the BLM an chewed him up. XD Tarus have it so rough sometimes with their low health. Killed that stupid crab an got the axe to drop for Talnar. Had to raise the RDM an NIN (at least I think the other one was a NIN but could be wrong...) Aqauaris had killed before it arggoed our BLM. They had been trying to kill it.
I was kinda ticked about the death leaving me 25 points hanging on to 65. >_< But my V-day date in game made me feel better. <3 Slazh had sent me half a dozen roses an some bubble chocolate. ^.^ (We had done the V-day event together so thats why I call him my V-day date. I kinda told him doing the event with me would be payment for helping him camp VE in dunes. One thing kinda led to another though. We're the LS couple now. /blush Never woulda thought of a WHM & DRK. o.o LOL! I guess my knight in shinning armor isn't a PLD after all.)

Orz... Of course two days ago Ziaire an I went to go do PM3-3 since Zia was told he could solo the Sandy half. (He's a RDM70.) Well we went to Carpenter's Landing to kill the Malbro NM. Dummy never told me NOT to click the NPC. -_- I thought I was supposed to since he pointed at it. Spawned the NM without meaning to. It started beating on me an Zia nuked it off me. o.O I thought for sure we were both goners. I even 2hred and couldn't take hate off of Zia (RDM/NIN). We managed to survive it though. XD
Law had showed up online after that so we went to do the next half in Attowha Chasm since Law and I had been working on the map quest for it. >_> I got to be the bait for the NM AGAIN. (WHMs must be rather tastey if I keep having to be bait.) XD I freaked out when the NM came outta the ground trying to chomp me up. @_@ I was booking it away from the Loose Sand spawn point the second I could move. I was freaked out. LOL!
Went to climb up to the cradle. We fell down so many times trying to find the top. My stone went dim as I was almost there. Thought for sure I'd have to get a new one. o.O Somehow though I made it just in time to get the feathers. Had to show both of them how to get to the top. XD Later on showing Law the way to Boneyard Gully to get our maps. o.O NM bait an a Tour Guide. Hmmm. Fun. ^.^

Finished yesterday morning with a round of Escort for Hire in Eldieme. I've always been NPC duty being the WHM. Well some dolt kept touching the NPC while I was trying to stop her. >_> So she got hit a few times. Silma was nice and was helping us kill things again this round. ^.^ Think he's a JP RDM. Nice of em to help us even though he didn't have to. He helped us the first time I went too.
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