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Epimethius Recuritment part DUEX!!...

hiya all...doing some recuriting for my linkshell...and was hoping if anyone is interested...send me a /tell in game...we have a board up so we can keep in contact and set up times and dates for missions, quest, and so on...but yeah...if yr looking to play with a bunch of ppl who are willing to help...and do some major butt kicking...come on in...:)


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I was thinking I need to find a new LS. I have two but I now feel a little out of place in them. One of them offers help but then never comes through, the other I am new in... One day they were talking about giving a pearl to a player on there, and I had heard that this person was a trouble maker. They have been kicked from LS's before. So I sent a /tell to the LS leader to warn them about said person. And he came off all like well maybe I should just kick everyone and start over because there are a lot of new people that I don't know. Anyway, after that I haven't wanted to go into that LS either.

If you want a lvl 50rdm let me know :) Name is Croran in game. I am on more on the weekends since I have to work during the week, and share the account with my g/f.
I'll join up as well, I don't have any LSes that I care about, at the moment. Their either dead or worthless, or both. I'm a level 50 DRG, so I've been around a bit. Send a /tell to Myranda.
If I'm still welcome I'd like to rejoin. ^^; Somewhere before the holidays I had been getting rid of some broken pearls an such. Think I tossed my one for Epimethius on mistake. XD (Kim should kick my butt for that. lol After all she's the one that got me in the first time.)
sure...just go to the boards and one of the members should be on...esp. astydamia or kimberlyn
You might like Ociprocs. They are a group of hi lvl people, they are really nice and are always doing one thing or another for each other. Ill talk to scorpico and see if and when we will be recruiting new people.