November 11th, 2007


Tarutaru static

We have two spots open in our all tarutaru static party. What we're looking for:

-New, subjobless tarus.
-Reliable!!!players who are willing to show up on Sundays, 4pm MNT.
-Someone who wants to do Paladin or Ninja. (Subject to change pending further discussion with the rest of the static.)
-Another person to DD. Preferably BLM, but not necessary.
-Carbuncle server, Windurst nation.
-People with good personalities. Leave the elitist attitude in your MH, kthx.

Those who are interested, please leave a message here. Then create and get your taru to level 11, and get out to the dunes. We will help you with that part.

The plan for the static was to enjoy the game in a group. We will do missions/quests, as well as just the standard level grinding. We are currently trying to level our sub job's subjob and unlocking our subs. But due to certain people not showing up, we've been postponing far too much. Those who wouldn't show are now no longer welcome, so we need their spots filled.

Just leave a message if you're interested.