July 4th, 2007


Hey guys, Thubans here!

I am working on a huge project for the backinblack ls, though I think most of them have lost interest. I am recruiting people for helping me to write a good chocobo raising guide. I have a pretty good one posted somewhere already, but im not sharing that link just yet (im working on getting it posted somewhere thats not linked to my ls). Is there anyone out there that is raising a bird that can offer knowledge for a guide or needs advice? Im also working on a huge breeding program for making awesome speed birds, and its just starting off, so anyone that has a bird only needs to let me know their current birds sex, age and stats, and i will help you with figureing out a good feeding/ training program for your specific bird.

Im currently searching for chcoco cards with the following stats:
black female (i dont care about abilityis on this one. Perosn looking just wants a black bird)
Red female: gallop, cantor and/or auto regen preferred str and end would be great but not needed
Red male: Person looking is willing to pay for the card. Just look for Thuban in game, and i will get in touch with the guy who is looking.

Blue male (any stats): galka bastokian just wants a blue bird for fun :P