March 8th, 2006

FFX-2 - Yuna

Don't think its possible? Think again. oO

Ever see a lvl 66 WHM exp pting with 73-75 players? oO I hadn't either till I was that WHM. LS leader wanted to merit an a couple others needed the buffer. Only problem was no WHMs at their lvl seeking or that they were willing to pt with. So he was asked me if I would come along an see how bad it would be for me. It wasn't all that bad since they were fighting mobs that are IT to them in Lufaise Meadows. I only got like 15-20 less exp then them. O.O Shocking thing is that the BRD (who wasn't from the LS, he came to replace the LS RDM) was cool with it. LOL! He was asking me how bad the exp was of course. I didn't mind the lesser exp since I was with people I trust. LS pt so much better then total strangers. -.- (I think I mentioned the crappy NIN in my last post.) Was quite a challenge to keep up of course. They fight fast. o.o But our leader being NIN its a bit easier to keep up. I managed to hit 67 with them. They had to suffer R2 a few times when we would get a link or the Rams would do Max HP Down an wipe the NIN tank out. XD Yesterday we called our pt "Final Destination 4"... We would say oh you're next. 5 mins later... O.O That person died. XD Our leader says he might just make me the WHM as often as possible so I get my lvls faster.