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I'm posting here to see if anybody is interested in some level synch statics I am currently trying to run. There are two parties I currently need filled, and they run on the Carbuncle Server.

Anyway. Before I say anymore, I'll discuss our rules. Best to get those out in the open first.

1. Xp/hr is not our main goal. We will strive to get the most XP out of our sessions, of course, but we're not going to whine and moan if we can't get that Chain+20. We'd expect the same from the new members, as well. The idea for the statics is to get on, get going, and not have to worry about the typical pick-up party stresses.

2. We're fine with most job combinations, but be reasonable. >.> Don't show up as a WHM/DRG with the goal to jump things while curing others.

3. We'll synch pretty much to whatever level; which means you'll need to do the same if you're higher than us. You're free to bring whatever job you want, too, of course. So if you want to level your MNK while the rest catch up to your SAM, that's fine, too.

4. Open minds, prz. Check your 'end-game mentality' at the door, do not talk another person down because they don't have ubar gear, 'the right sub', didn't macro swap gear to get that extra 5hp damage, forgot to bring their cookies or whatever, etc.

5. We're fine with swearing. Most of us are pretty dirty at times, anyway. But we will not tolerate racial slurs, sexuality-bashing (this includes using 'gay' in place of 'stupid'.), sexist attitudes of any type.

6. You don't have to become a member of our LS if you don't want to. You're welcome to join, of course, but it's not mandatory.

That's pretty much it. We're easy-going.

Starting time is after 6:30pm CST. Currently, this is still in the planning process so just about any job is welcomed. We're probably ok in terms of a main healer.. but we'd probably need a tank. We'd also would be starting down in the Dunes. There are three open spots in this static that need filling. I'll be using my alt, Hodgepodge, in this static. Just FYI.

Two spots open on this team. This one meets up at 5PM CST and has the chance to run up to five hours long, depending on how everyone feels. Usually, though, we just sorta stop when someone gets tired/bored/hungry/whatever. We run, at the very least, for two hours. We have two very awesome SCHs who, as far as I can tell, are experts at MP Conservation, and we rock pretty much whatever camp we get to. Excellent XP is all but guaranteed. Our problem? We're slowly running out of a tank. I've been the main meat shield as my WAR/MNK, and now that we're inching closer and closer to 40, I'm becoming more and more of a MP-sponge. That, and I really want to just be a WAR/THF or WAR/SAM and just hurt things. >.> ANYWAY. Tank is needed, prz. Another DD or a support would be useful, too. We're currently somewhere in the 30's.. I forget. Maybe 32ish? We're at the first Citadel range, but we usually head to Altepa instead because that place sucks. I'm Myranda, in that static.

So if you're interested, contact me somehow and we'll discuss it further. You can leave a message in this post, yell at me on my eljay, or shoot me a /tell in-game. Again, my characters are Hodgepodge and Myranda.

cross posted.

Tarutaru static

We have two spots open in our all tarutaru static party. What we're looking for:

-New, subjobless tarus.
-Reliable!!!players who are willing to show up on Sundays, 4pm MNT.
-Someone who wants to do Paladin or Ninja. (Subject to change pending further discussion with the rest of the static.)
-Another person to DD. Preferably BLM, but not necessary.
-Carbuncle server, Windurst nation.
-People with good personalities. Leave the elitist attitude in your MH, kthx.

Those who are interested, please leave a message here. Then create and get your taru to level 11, and get out to the dunes. We will help you with that part.

The plan for the static was to enjoy the game in a group. We will do missions/quests, as well as just the standard level grinding. We are currently trying to level our sub job's subjob and unlocking our subs. But due to certain people not showing up, we've been postponing far too much. Those who wouldn't show are now no longer welcome, so we need their spots filled.

Just leave a message if you're interested.

Hey guys, Thubans here!

I am working on a huge project for the backinblack ls, though I think most of them have lost interest. I am recruiting people for helping me to write a good chocobo raising guide. I have a pretty good one posted somewhere already, but im not sharing that link just yet (im working on getting it posted somewhere thats not linked to my ls). Is there anyone out there that is raising a bird that can offer knowledge for a guide or needs advice? Im also working on a huge breeding program for making awesome speed birds, and its just starting off, so anyone that has a bird only needs to let me know their current birds sex, age and stats, and i will help you with figureing out a good feeding/ training program for your specific bird.

Im currently searching for chcoco cards with the following stats:
black female (i dont care about abilityis on this one. Perosn looking just wants a black bird)
Red female: gallop, cantor and/or auto regen preferred str and end would be great but not needed
Red male: Person looking is willing to pay for the card. Just look for Thuban in game, and i will get in touch with the guy who is looking.

Blue male (any stats): galka bastokian just wants a blue bird for fun :P
Gan ning

Help request.

I was wondering if anyone reads this group anymore... I was also wondering if there was anyone who would be able to assist me with a few things. It's almost all AF-related, though I do need to get started on that level 60 cap quest. Anyway... Here's what all I need :

-Ifrit's Cauldren Coffer key (and possibly help getting to/from the coffer, since I really don't know my way...) for my Drachen Mail.

-Temple of Uggelph (or however you spell it..) NM battle for my Drachen Helm.

-Temple of Uggelph coffer key for my Myochin Domaru.

-Waughroom Shrine BCNM for my Myochin Kabuto.

Since I'm mostly playing my DRG lately, I'd like to get that stuff first. I know these are difficult things to obtain, so I would appreciate any sort of help you can give me. I work graveyard shifts at my job, so I can be up most of the night. Tuesdays and Wensdays are my days off, but if we schedule something, I will make sure I'm on. I havn't started the AF3 quests, but if I can get help, I will have everything ready to go, so that all we'd have to do is go kill the NMs, so I wont take up too much of your time. Send a /tell to Myranda, or just leave a comment here or something. I dunno.. Whatever works.

Thanks in advance.

{Erase} {Can I have it?}

So, I have my whm up to lvl 31 now. I am trying to get it to 37 to sub with my rdm. I might take it up further later on if I get bored with rdm. Anyway, I need to get erase. I have this thing about having up to date spells, and I don't want to lvl my whm at all until I have it. Last night I did Royal Jelly BCNM twice, beat it both times, and erase didn't drop either time. Is there a better way of getting it? Or is it just luck? Oh and I don't feel like spending what ever it is on the AH I think someone said it was down to 150k, but that is still a lot of gil for me.

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Hi, everyone

My name's Cengriffin, WAR Elvaan from Sandy. I'm in the KnightsAlliance LS and have a couple other friends playing with me, but I just started up last week and still don't really know anyone. Anyway, it's nice being on the server and I hope future adventuring goes well.
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Well, I'm New

Here's my info:

I am playing less and less and I don't know if it's that the game isn't assimilating me the way I hear it can, or if it's because I have so much real life going on lately.

Anyway, I'm really easygoing in game. I just like to get exp or wander around. I'm not the type of person who gets all annoyed if you interfere with my obsessive desire for progress. One of the main reasons I bought this game was to make friends.